Are you faced with declining web traffic, soaring bounce rates, and dwindling conversions? Get those figures back on track with our web, mobile, and social analytics services. Analytics puts into perspective the complex dynamics beneath your web, mobile, and social traffic and helps you build a more resilient and rewarding online marketing strategy.

Track Your Performance on Web and Mobile

Analytics reveals the various ways in which customers and non-customers interact with your websites, mobile sites, and mobile apps. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of this data enables you to take more informed steps, minimizing risks and avoiding major pitfalls.

Find out...

  • Who your visitors are
  • Where they come from (direct, search, referral, others)
  • What kind of devices they use
  • Which pages they visited
  • How long they stayed on the pages
  • What actions they took
  • Whether their actions matched the desired action
  • Which web pages perform better
  • How many people use your apps daily and monthly
  • What the churn and retention rates are

Improve Your Conversion Rate

Conversion is not serendipitous but an outcome of deliberate planning. Clear the path for customer conversion by smoothing the processes involved.

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition

Reexamine your acquisition strategies in the light of your users’ origin data. If your referrals are weak, it is time you got the word out on your brand on more platforms. If there are high-performing referral sites, focus on them more in the future. If other sources (such as email marketing) dominate your traffic, work towards building more organic traffic as well. With granular insights into your visitors, you can strive for a healthy balance of various acquisition methods.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization

Matching the expectations of visitors who land on your pages is fundamental to raising the conversion ratio. Inconsistent messaging and poor design are directly responsible for high abandonment and bounce rates. Removing all forms of friction on your landing pages so visitors can easily glide from the message to the call to action is another major priority. Using A/B testing and multivariate testing, we optimize your landing pages and ensure they are primed for conversion.

Customer Retention

Customer Retention

Acquiring a new customer is five times costlier than retaining them. Analytics shows you where you should invest more to retain your loyal customers, whether on websites, mobile sites, or apps or in paid marketing or organic search. Retargeting customers with customized content on their preferred platforms and devices improves engagement and your chances of minimizing customer churn.

Resource Prioritization

Resource Prioritization

Busting your budget on scores of marketing channels makes no business sense when prioritizing the channels can lower the cost of acquisition. A set-and-forget approach does not work either as pricing and trends constantly change. We look out for your best interests and choose a prudent mix of marketing channels, both paid and unpaid, that minimize the cost of acquisition and improve ROI.

Social Media Analytics

Social media marketing could be an essential part of your marketing mix, but is it building brand awareness, improving user engagement, and ultimately boosting conversions? Social media analytics is the only way to know.

Find out...

  • Who your target audience is
  • How they engage with your pages
  • What they talk about you
  • How they respond to your campaigns
  • What they feel about you
  • What they think of your competitors
  • What trends you should pay attention to
  • Which social media platforms are best for you

Campaign Monitoring

Are your social media campaigns delivering on their goals? Find out through social media campaign monitoring. We identify relevant metrics such as likes, shares, feedback, click-through-rates and track these in real time using the appropriate social media analytics tools. Based on the results, you can decide to modify your campaigns, run them longer, or even discontinue them.
Campaign Monitoring - QBurst Digital Marketing
Competitior Analysis - QBurst Digital Marketing

Competitor Analysis

Benchmark your brand’s performance vis-a-vis competitors through social media competitor analysis. Check how competing brands are performing on social media and what they are doing differently to win traction. Learn how they are engaging with their audience and promoting their brand. You can get a more rounded picture of your rivals with our competitive intelligence reports.

Sentiment Analysis

Gauge the public mood on topics that matter to your brand and leverage that knowledge to improve your products and to pitch better. Harnessing a blend of machine and human intelligence, we help you unravel the sentiments underlying customer comments in their true context. Abstracting and classifying sentiments can reveal the true needs, wants, and pain points of your prospects and customers.
Sentiment Analysis - QBurst Digital Marketing
Trend Analysis - QBurst Digital Marketing

Trend Analysis

The social influence of trends is enormous as these can impact your brand as well as the industry. Stay on top of changing customer attitudes and behaviors by listening to social conversations and analyzing underlying sentiments. Track popular keywords and hashtags, look out for upcoming events and new topics of conversation, and pay attention to industry thought leaders as well as changing technologies.

Experience in Diverse Analytics Tools

We are adept at implementing Google Analytics, the leading analytics tool today, as well as some of the popular alternatives. With the availability of diverse analytics and visualization tools comes great flexibility of choice. These tools help capture and visualize specific aspects of customer interaction in real time or at regular intervals. Depending on your requirements, we help you find the perfect match, be it for e-commerce sites, corporate websites, social media, mobile apps, or mobile sites.

Experts in Analysis, Not Just the Tools

Our strength is not just our experience in a wide range of web, mobile, and social analytics tools but the astute analytical mindset we apply to individual problems. Sometimes, numbers (visits, page views, average time on site, bounce rates, exit rates, conversion rates, and so on) by themselves don’t tell much about the improvements you need to make. We interpret the numbers to explain user action or the lack of it and make recommendations to overhaul your marketing strategies. Our analysts hypothesize, investigate, correlate, and arrive at solutions to prevent leakage of valuable prospects from the conversion funnel.

Build a Fail-Proof Analytics Strategy

A well-rounded analytics strategy with well-defined goals and objectives gives actionable evidence for decision-making and protects you from costly marketing mishaps. From goal-setting to reporting, we guide you through six steps to put a solid analytics strategy in place.

  • Goal Setting Icon

    1. Goal-Setting

    The problem with analytics is that without clear goals businesses can easily get lost in the metrics and lose track of what they want to measure. We help you set clear goals and objectives by studying the problems that hobble conversion on your web, mobile, and social media platforms.

  • KPI Identification Icon

    2. KPI Identification

    Choosing the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is important as you cannot measure progress otherwise. The KPIs vary for each channel but consist of comparable metrics such as rates, ratios, and averages. After identifying the KPIs, you can determine what metrics you would need and what tools you should use to harvest the data.

  • Tool Selection Icon

    3. Tool Selection

    Selecting a tool from the dozens flooding the market can be confounding if you are not fully grounded in your requirements and if you are not aware of the varying capabilities of these tools. The perfect match depends on what you want to measure, the kinds of reports you need, integration and customization capabilities, and cost considerations.

  • Installation Icon

    4. Installation

    A tracking code is added to your websites, applications, and other customer tracking systems. Relevant tweaks are made to the original code to track custom events and capture custom data attributes. If you already have an application installed, we make sure that it is set to track all the required data.

  • Configuration Icon

    5. Configuration

    Defining and configuring the goals, events, user actions, dashboards, segments, filters, conversion funnels, and so on is the next step in your analytics implementation strategy. Mistakes made during configuration can skew results and go dangerously undetected for long, leading to bad decisions and adverse results.

  • Analysis and Reporting Icon

    6. Analysis and Reporting

    We create custom dashboards that capture all the relevant metrics for easy reference and consolidate reports to give you a holistic picture of your cross-platform marketing performance. We look for correlations and causal relationships in data to advise you on the measures that can minimize attrition and drive conversion.

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