Whether you are a small or medium enterprise (SME) or a global brand, your brightest and most humbling moments could be on social media. Do it right, it will give you a jump-start over others. Do it wrong, you may never hear the end of it. As a social media agency, we fill one vital role in our clients’ lives: we make sure you get it right. Every single time.

Social media is the new battleground for brands, big and small. Your success is not so much dependent on your marketing budget as on how savvy you are at riding the choppy waters of public opinion. Our social media expertise is just the shot in the arm you need.

Social Media Management Across Platforms

Ramp up your social media presence and broaden your business appeal with our professional social media services.

Let’s Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing!

Amazing visuals and stories. Crisp bio and captions. Trending hashtags. Productive social media campaigns. Insightful analysis of behind-the-scenes data. In short, a major leg up for your brand.

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Brand Identity

Creating a strong identity for your business begins with a smart profile that includes a clear-cut bio of who you are. On social media, where thousands of profiles jostle for attention, these first impressions go a long way in establishing your reputation and authenticity.

Knowing who your audience is key to coming up with content that is bang on. So even before we go about establishing your identity, we get our homework done on your customers, their locations, and their demographics. This also helps us determine the right social media platforms for your industry/brand.

We make your customers fall in love with your brand by curating and creating content that strikes a chord with them. And by adopting a style unique to your business, we help you stay clear of competitors and copycats.

Brand Engagement

The golden rule of social media is “engage”. But for a business page, this may not be exactly easy. Regular and relevant posts, replies to comments and feedback, your take on topical issues, all of this helps establish you as a brand to be followed, liked, or shared.

We help you sync in with the times by looking out for trends and creating posts that chime in with current interests. Adding popular hashtags ensures your posts are properly indexed and are easy to discover.

Also, “when” you post matters as much as “what” you post. Every platform has its optimal viewership times, and by publishing your posts at the most opportune time, we maximize engagement on your social platforms.

Brand Engagement - QBurst Social Media Marketing
Social Media Advertising - QBurst Social Media Marketing

Social Media Advertising

“Hard selling” is a strict no-no on social media. But you can still stir up the pot a little and boost sales. Say, you have a new product/service coming up or you want to renew interest in an existing one. Social media advertising/campaign is the way to go!

Advertising costs money, so don’t let anyone talk you into jaywalking through it! Goal-setting, social media selection, consistent branding, careful targeting, competitive bidding, campaign analysis…all these and more go into successful social media advertising.

Our digital marketers and social media analysts help you maintain optimum spend on the right social media platforms and ad formats. The able backup of our content marketing services keeps your ad copy and landing pages slick and click-worthy.

Social Media Analysis

Analysis, for us, is a serious discipline because our social marketing services are data-driven. Social media analysis injects into your operations the much-needed intelligence to generate a better return on your advertising investment.

By parsing your social data, we help unravel the myriad social landscape in which your brand is situated. This background information allows you to create more effective content and mount more successful campaigns.

Monitoring customer sentiments across multiple platforms and tracking conversations relevant to your brand, we help you stay on top of social media trends that directly impact your social media engagement and, indirectly, your lead generation.

Social Media Analysis - QBurst Social Media Marketing Services

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