Is your website or app hiding under a pile of search results and not racking up leads or downloads as it should? Shake things up with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Search engine optimization (SEO) covers some bases, not all. It works at a much slower pace and the results take months to show up. With our paid advertising services, you can hit the ground running, generating leads on demand. Once your ad is up, it starts sending quality prospects your way. The only caveat? It is “paid.” This is where our PPC marketers come to your aid, maximizing results for every dime you pay.

Earn Rich Dividends from Paid Advertising

Smart bids. Wide reach. Quality traffic. Geo-targeting. Metrics-driven campaigns. Measurable results. Inarguably, more bang for your buck.

Get Going with an Ad Plan - QBurst Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Get Going with an Ad Plan

For the uninitiated, the paid advertising landscape can easily turn into an advertising landmine. So we start with a game plan, one that takes into account the rewards and risks and your own expectations on returns.

An essential component of advertising victory is serving ads based on your prospective buyers’ demographics and their media consumption behaviors and patterns. Our research makes it clear what ad platforms and ads would best serve your interests.

Based on your campaign objectives and budget, we plan your ad spend and campaign frequency. Our calculated approach and rich experience in Google AdWords and social media advertising keeps the spend reasonable and rewarding.

Secure the Key(word)s!

Our mission is quite straightforward—make sure your ads reach the target audience. Creating effective Ad Groups with long-tail keywords allow your ads to show up for related searches.

Picking and bidding for the right target keywords is daunting to some, not to us! We factor in variables like search volume, competition, and cost per acquisition to decide what is “right” in your case. That is half the battle won; ongoing optimization is the other half.

The rules underlining search engine operations change over time. Demand for keywords can rise or fall. As the battle lines get drawn and redrawn, our ongoing keyword analysis and optimization will keep you safely anchored to the ground.

Secure the Keywords - QBurst Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Make Your Ad Copies Click - QBurst Pay-Per-Click-Advertising

Make Your Ad Copies Click

Keywords are only a foot in the door; user action is inspired by superior ad quality. Your ad has to match expectations by staying laser-focused on the users’ intent without weighing them down with too much information.

Our copywriters are adept at creating highly focused ads with a strong call to action. With a marketing sense honed over a decade, they know what works and what doesn’t. Every ad is tailored to its audience with an emphasis on the value offered.

Our goal is to get more clicks, the benefits of which are twofold: As your click-through-rate goes up, your cost-per-click goes down and your ad automatically gets bumped up in search rankings.

Convert All Your Leads

A purpose-driven landing (or lead capture) page can raise your conversion by as much as 35%. It is also the point at which leads can bounce, so first impressions are critical to successful conversion.

We turn our insider advantage as marketing pros to create landing pages that are optimized for conversion. Fine-tuning your landing pages means more than having a finely worded copy: it involves providing clear value, minimal and seamless navigation, and so on.

It is not just your paid advertising that benefits from carefully vetted landing pages. Lead conversion across the digital marketing spectrum, including search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media marketing rides on quality landing pages.

Convert All Your Leads - QBurst Pay-Per-Click-Advertising
Widen Sources of Lead Capture - QBurst Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Widen Sources of Lead Capture

It pays to spread your ad spend across platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, App Stores, and Amazon. This doesn’t take away the might of search engines. For many, it is still the principal mode of advertising.

Our sustained market analysis protects you from spreading yourself too thin and burning your budget on nonviable platforms. We help identify a mix and match of platforms/advertising channels that could yield the most returns for your business.

We titrate your campaigns on each platform with an accurate measure of the impressions, clicks, conversions, cost-per-click, and cost-per-action accrued by each. By testing and tweaking your ads based on these metrics, we help you stay on top of the game.

The Paid Advertising Landscape

Thrive in the advertising wilderness with our cross-platform, metrics-driven campaigns.



The byword for quality leads, PPC ads work like magic with ongoing optimization.

Inbox Ads

Inbox ads take you closer to your target users via their favorite medium: Gmail.

Display Ads

With 90% reach, display ads are a great way to reach users while they surf the net.

App Store Ads

Nothing compares to app store ads for boosting app visibility and downloads.

Social Media Ads

You can’t do without social media ads if you want to reach out to specific demographics.

Amazon Product Ads

A great way for your product to be discovered rather than disappear on Amazon.

Google Shopping Ads

If looks can sell, then Google Shopping Ads is the best place to advertise your product.

Native Ads

Want to get past ad blockers with share-worthy sponsored content? Try native ads.


Retarget prospects who didn’t complete a purchase with tempting display ads.

Why delay lead generation?