Wonder why despite everything you do, some competitors are ahead of you? The answer is competitive intelligence. Savvy businesses realize the value of watching out for their competitors as much as their own customers.

Competitive intelligence (CI) gets you up to speed on the changing business landscape, with insights into everything from new competitors and technologies, rising and falling prices, and changing customer tastes.

Compete Based on Intelligence, Not Assumptions

If you are risk-averse, you need competitive intelligence. Also, if you want to be in the big league. Whether you are a big or small or well-established business is immaterial. In today’s hyper-competitive market, every business is at the risk of being upended by a new entrant or an existing rival.

Price, feature additions, customer service quality, branding, and so on can change the fortunes of even similar competing products. By proactively analyzing relevant aspects of competition, you can be armed with the right strategy to defend yourself or even launch an offense when required.

Compete with Confidence with our CI Services

Requirements-based competitor analysis. Continuous assessment. Comprehensive insights to stay ahead.

Competitor Identification

Our competitor survey sheds light on your direct and indirect competitors. We help identify their business goals and target markets and prioritize them based on the level of threat they raise. As competitors can change over time and can branch out to new markets, this needs to be an ongoing activity for your organization.
Competitor Identification - Competitive
Competitor Analysis - QBurst Competitive Intelligence

Competitor Analysis

There are several tools for competitor analysis, among which SWOT analysis gives you a comprehensive understanding of both internal and external factors that influence your performance. It provides a framework to compare product/services, market share, pricing models, marketing, and other factors that could boost revenue or scuttle sales.

Competitor Benchmarking

How does your business stack up in comparison with competitors? Ongoing competitor benchmarking helps you identify and close the gaps that exist in your business vis-a-vis best-in-class organizations, to borrow best practices, and optimize your business in terms of revenue, pricing, customer satisfaction, and so on.
Competitor Benchmarking- QBurst Digital Marketing Services
Competitor Reports - Digital marketing in USA

Competitor Reports

A lot of information on your competitors is in the public domain but it is highly fragmented. Competitor data becomes competitive intelligence only when pieced together and analyzed based on your research objectives. Our CI analysts collect and analyze relevant data and compile them into actionable intelligence for decision-making.

Get a Holistic Picture of Your Competition

Our CI reports help you understand the full scale of your competition. These include but are not limited to the following areas.


  • Unique proposition
  • Feature comparison
  • Pricing model

Competitor Firm

  • Products and services
  • Performance
  • Industry networks
  • Target regions
  • Resources


  • Marketing mix
  • Campaign focus
  • Keyword analysis

Business Environment

  • Industry trends
  • Industry events
  • Political and cultural factors
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Policy changes


  • Target segments
  • Touchpoints
  • Perceptions

Are You Making These CI Mistakes?

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